DRAFT: sleep deprivation

How sleep deprivation affects the immune system

What is Considered Sleep Deprivation

The CDC recommends that adults not stay awake for more than 17 hours at a time. Going without sleep for more than 24 hours is the equivalent of a blood alcohol count of .10

Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. The average number of hours a person needs varies based on age. This is why it is important to plan your bedtime routine as well as a

Here are the CDC’s recommendations for the average amount of sleep needed could be based on age:

infants aged 4-12 months12-16 hours a day (including naps)

Children aged 1-2 years11-14 hours a day (including naps)

Children aged 3-5 years10-13 hours a day (including naps)

Children aged 6-12 years 9-12 hours a day

Teens aged 13-18 years 8-10 hours a day

Adults aged 18 years or older7–8 hours a day

Sleep deprivation can happen to anyone. It has surprising effects on a person’s life. 

7 hours of Sleep

Effects on the Body

sleeping less than 5 hours a night puts you at risk for High blood pressure

weakened immune system

poor balance

higher blood sugar levels and risk for Diabetes type 2

Weight gain

lower sex drive

premature aging

Effects on the Mind & Emotions

poor memory

trouble concentrating


difficulty learning

trouble making decisions

slow reaction time

difficulty coping with change


trouble getting along with others


3 thoughts on “DRAFT: sleep deprivation”

  1. Being sleep deprived is one of the worst punishments. As a mother who had a baby that would wake up between six and ten times during the night, there was a time in my life that I was completely sleep deprived.  Apart from being extremely tired, it made me very tearful and depressed. I used to just burst into tears about anything. Thankfully it only lasted for about three years, but I deeply sympathize with anybody that goes through sleep deprivation.

  2. I wish I could say that sleep deprivation was all new to me but sadly I’ve been dogged by poor sleep all my life and really related to the lists of symptoms that can accrue. It was interesting to see that the amount of sleep needed lessens as we get older but when you average about 5-6 hours a night you really feel the awful effects. I’m often groggy all day, poor memory, and get heart palpitations. One way that has helped me get a great sleep is working out in the morning and not drinking any coffee. Between exercise and watching my diet, I occasionally get that perfect night’s sleep.


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