About Rachele

I am really excited that you have stopped by!

I started this blog because I’ve found a few things that help me manage my narcolepsy and I think there are probably others out there who need more info.

As a divorcing mother of 3 kids under 5 and a first-semester freshman in college, I found myself totally incapable of staying awake. This was the beginning of my narcoleptic nightmare.

When my very in touch doctor suggested that I may have narcolepsy, I was relieved to know that there might be an explanation and some help for the sleepiness and the cataplexy.

I didn’t have to defend my real condition or convince others that I wasn’t imagining it.

The antidepressants suppressed the cataplexy. But I still couldn’t stay awake. My struggle has gone on for over 20 years. Along the way, I’ve found some relief. No cure yet but perhaps someday.

Narcolepsy is real. Narcolepsy is a nightmare.

I’ve noticed that people just don’t get it. People judge, criticize and give endless unsolicited advice. Falling asleep in public is humiliating. It’s easier to deal with when I understand why.

Finding other people who struggle with narcolepsy means I am not at all alone.

We don’t have to endure this alone. There are a lot of us.

There are also ways to alleviate the symptoms. We do have some power to improve our lives.

If I can help you or if you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact me:



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